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Welcome to the APA POOL LEAGUE of NYC, the oldest and largest poolplaying association in Manhattan.  Our membership includes men and women of all ages and abilities who like to have fun and play pool.  Join over 14,000 New Yorkers who have enjoyed the APAnyc poolplaying program since 1988.

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Join an APA Pool League team now, or make your own team with friends and family. It's easy. Over 13,000 other people have done it. Contact us at nycpool@aol.com to join our league.

 (APA members must be at least 21 years of age.)

Good Luck and Good Shooting!


The APA provides a fun and casual forum to have fun, play pool and meet people.

Some of the benefits to joining an APA Pool team are:

  • meet great people, and make a lot of new friends.

  • improve your pool game

  • enjoy the thrills of competition.

  • handicapping system allows beginners, intermediate and advanced players to compete equally and enjoy winning. 

  • win cash awards, plaques, trophies and qualifications to regional and national championships - singles and teams.

  • personal online page for lifetime statistics, scoresheets, schedules and more...

The APA has the best format for beginners as
well as moderate and advanced players.


(APA National Team Championship tournament room)





U.S. Amateur Championship for 2016

APAnyc is proud to announce that we hosted our own
NYC regional for the second year in a row. Our regional
was held at Society Billiards on September 24-25.




The APA works with Blatt Billiard Supplies
to provide discounts to our members.




SCHEDULES  -  FALL SESSION (click your div. # below for pdf)

check for schedule changes during the first 4 weeks


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Online Payments are now available
here to be directed to our USA ePay page.

Intro to the APA(nyc)
APA League Structure
Official 8-Ball Rules
8-Ball Definitions
Division Reps/BOG

Online Member Services

APA Discounts

APA national



Official APA Team Manual 2016

APA Rules Booklet, 8-Ball & 9-Ball

NYC Local Bylaws 2016

APA 8-Ball Scoresheet, blank

APA 9-Ball Scoresheet, blank


Masters Tournament Series Flyer

The APA awards over $1.5 million each year in our National and Local tournaments.






Visit our Player/Team Locator

Click above to go to this forum which has been
set up to help you find a team to play on or
recruit a player for your team.




The APA Poolplayer Championship (National Singles Championship) is one of the most popular benefits of APA membership. This series of events begins at the Local Level, and ends with the Westgate Las Vegas Poolplayer Championship

So far, the APAnyc has produced 3 national women's champions, 3 national men's champions, and many top 10 finishers who have brought home 10s of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, along with memories they will never forget. 

Will you be the next champion?

Singles boards are running frequently so you can join in any time.
Contact APAnyc if you want to play in one or run a qualifier for your friends.


The FALL 2016 qualifying season is now open. 


Board Winners to date:


Darius Futrell
Jesse Rodgers
Jerome Pulliam
Jay Vasquez


The APA has programs for teams, singles, doubles, mixed doubles, masters level leagues and more.


Board Winners from Spring 2016:


Helena Cruz
Matt Sanders
Frank Fico
David Aldridge
Billy Jaz
Inder Tallur
Scott Guthrie
Verna Seņo
Hosein Babei
Sean Clune
Tara Nachtigall
Peter Sakas
Kim Hodgson
Jerome Pulliam
Julie Madlener
Edgar Gualotuna
Alex Kent
Mike Rodriguez
Kenny Hawco
Abel Barriento
Arin Dunn
Inessa Gelman
Ada Lio
Shawn Tolidano
Jessica Warren
Jerry Vasquez
Dan Silva
Simon Villacreses
Peyton Thomas
Enrique Rosario
Brian Gomori
MarkAnthony Nelson
Loreen Belfor
Sean Martin
Chris Ross-Williams
Sarah Marcos
Al Cameau
Zak Hadj
John Majer
Ashley Hasssen
Francisco Clough
Brendan Graham
Khoubani Sanaa
Sui Ming Louie
Chris Kelly
Same Lane
Paloka Ulic
Rachel Velez
Eric Chapdelaine
Adam Dunn
Francisco Giacobbe
Neil Benaderet
Yong Shin Kim
Mike Davie
Alan Mangaser
Alex Ross
Simon Villacreses
Michelle Clune
Angel Ortega
Vadim Mahmoudov
Jordan Blit




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Click on this video to see how APA
teams play when they win the (LTC)
City Championship.


2012 National Singles Championship


2012 National Team Championship


APA League Operator
League Operator

Address and phone:

P.O. Box 422  
Cresskill, NJ 07626

(201) 569-2602

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