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Everyone is welcome, even people who have never played pool before.

Make a lot of new friends and business connections.

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Fall session is coming in September!
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A pool league for real people in NYC...any level of skill's for people who want to connect and have fun. This is where your friends are! @apanyc

The Bankshot Sucios have made it to 17th place in our World Pool Championship and are still going. Awesome.

#apanyc #playforvegas
Coaching session this week at Marshall Street Bar during our Wednesday night 8-Ball league.
Julie @regulationskeeball in Masters at the World Pool Championships today.

#apanyc #playforvegas
Meet the winners of our $4000 Scotch Doubles event on Saturday.

1st place 
Abel Barriento and Bernard Velarde
2nd place
Johnny Colon and Jowen Pichardo
3rd place
Amanda Andries and Oscar Peralta
4th place
Geoffrey Gordon and Rattan Kumar

Great playing, everyone.

#playmorepool #nycpool #playforvegas #scotchdoubles #amsterdambilliards #apanyc
Playing now at the Westgate in Las Vegas. Our 2018 World Pool Championship, the largest pool tournament in the world.



Established in Manhattan in 1988, the APA is the
largest sports and entertainment league in the city



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