NYC Chapter of the American Poolplayers Association

It's fun. It's inexpensive. It's local.

Everyone is welcome, even people who have never played pool before.

Make a lot of new friends - even meet the person of your dreams!

You will love it - Join our APAnyc league today!

Spring Session starts January 28th.
gister a new team for spring session - download this form.

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A pool league for real people in NYC...any level of skill's for people who want to connect and have fun. This is where your friends are! @apanyc

What is more important, the cue or the case? One must look one's best before and after pool so the answer could be the case. Wouldn't you agree?

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This is the color of our pool table at TSB. 
Not kidding! 
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Pool is an action sport.



Established in Manhattan in 1988, the APA is the
largest sports and entertainment league in the city



If you would like to hear more about the APA in NYC, email