NYC Chapter of the American Poolplayers Association

Singles Qualifiers

The APA Poolplayer Championship (National Singles Championship) is one of the most popular benefits of APA membership. This annual series of events begins at the Local Level, and ends with the APA's Poolplayer Championship at the Las Vegas Westgate Resort.

So far, the APAnyc has produced 3 national women's champions, 3 national men's champions, and many top 10 finishers who have brought home 10s of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, along with memories they will never forget. 

You could be the next champion!

The FALL 2017 qualifying season is open until November 15th.  Singles boards are running frequently so you can join in any time.
Contact APAnyc if you want to play in one or run a qualifier for your friends.

Board winners to date from the Fall 2017 qualifying period are as follows:


Johnny Colon
Dave Mihalik
Jerome Kelton
Matt Sanders
Steve Ingram
Nhay Nguyen
Mario Rodriguez




Here are the local board winners for the Spring 2017 qualifying period. Regional weekend is October 6-8.


Matt Sanders
Richard Boyles
Tara Nachtigall
Frank Fico
Inder Taller
Jeff Hanger
Paul Galligan
Julie Madlener
Enrique Rosario
Eric Chapdelaine
Kimberly Hodgson
Shawn Tolidano
Paul Bhikarry
Saj Shilad
Allan Mangaser
Jose Despian, Jr.
Paul Carpenter
Armin Sadighi
Edgar Gualotuna
Jordan Blit
Matt Kyme
Angel Ortega
Peter Sakas
Keith Holden
Francesco Giacobbe
Avi Mintz
Daniel Crumity
Inessa Gelman
Omar Soto
Jerome Pulliam
Matt Artz
Alex Trinidad
Johnny Colon
Rattan Kumar
Vinay Pai
Jesse Rogers
Alfonso Trinidad
Mike Davie
Helena Cruz
Dan Losada
Dave Padilla
Sui Ming Louie
Kenny Hawco
Zach Hadj
Loreen Belfor
Annrose Bacani
Naim Shala
Adam Dunn
Kendall Nunn
John Roque
Emilia Skupiewska
Mike Quaranti
Todd Schor
Billy Marx
Will Daly

Brendan Helrich
Ada Lio
Kelvin Rodriguez
Erick Carrasco
Abel Barriento
Jay Vasquez